Image by Shawn R Photography

Image by Shawn R Photography

Komal Mathew


For over eight years, I taught English composition and literature to adult learners, high school seniors, ESL students, and traditional freshman college students. I taught the eager writer, the timid analyzer, and the confident spokesperson. I taught both the willing and unwilling student. And as their writing skills improved, I was there to joyfully witness their growth.

For my students, good writing often followed their hunger to learn and grow as a communicator. If they wanted to tell their story, as their professor and a fellow writer, I was ready to help them write it.

It is my personal vision to see the gifts and talents of others increase. It is what I’m trained to do and what I’m skilled at doing. It is also the reason why I resigned from my college teaching position: to stay home with my young children, so I could teach them how to read and write and to see their gifts and talents increase firsthand.

In my children, I have once again seen how our willingness to receive feedback affects our ability to grow personally and professionally. As a writer, I welcome honest feedback. As an editor, I provide that kind of feedback — for individuals who want to share their good stories with the world or for businesses that want an article to resonate with readers. If you are ready to share your story, I am ready to help make it known.