Services & Pricing

Most services are completed within 72 hours, following confirmed quote and payment. For webpage design/editing, longer pieces of writing, or other special needs, contact us for a custom quote.

Three Revisions

$175 (1,500 words max)




A great approach to personal statements and application materials. Three rounds of editing on any written work up to 1,500 words: The first round of editing focuses on structure, development, and content. The second round of editing addressed additional content issues and grammar/mechanics (as needed). The third round is a polish/line edit. Throughout this process, the editor communicates with author via phone or email.

Please note: Three Revisions believes that multiple revisions produce better writing. Nevertheless, the fee schedule below is for one revision service. Additional edits are free of charge for clients (upon request) within seven days of completed editing service contract.

Resume Editing

varies; est. $65 to $200

Comprehensive editing on copy, content, and redesign of resume (if needed). All resume editing services receive a phone/email consult and two rounds of editing before the final product is delivered.


Full Revision

5 cents USD per word

Complete Revision: Comprehensive feedback on sentences and paragraphs.


Content Editing

3 cents USD per word

Paragraph-level Revision: feedback on strength and clarity of ideas, organization, coherence, transitions, originality of thought, format/documentation (1,200 word max for short turnaround time)


Copyediting or Proofreading

3 cents USD per word

Sentence-level Revision: surface errors, grammar and punctuation, word usage, syntax (1,200 word max for short turnaround time)


Poetry Critiques

$40 for 10 pages of poetry

Feedback on each poem's opening/closing, emotional impulse/vision, imagery, language, line breaks, organization, structure, and form.


Custom Writing Support

Hourly rates range from $35-$70

Services that require private instruction, strategy editing, curriculum development, or other custom support services are available upon request. This type of support is typically faciliated via phone or video chat.