I help people when they write.

Experienced, professional editor in Smyrna, Georgia for copy editing, resume editing, resume writing, application essays, admission essays, and poetry.

My Philosophy

Good writing takes shaping and reshaping—and at least three drafts. With honest feedback and helpful edits, the revision process is manageable and effective. My aim is to help writers produce clear, insightful, and meaningful work without changing their authentic voice.

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Feedback on Feedback

  • I reached out to Komal to provide me with feedback on an important essay for graduate school. I thought my paper was in relatively good shape; however, I was surprised at the number of changes she suggested. Komal went beyond just simple grammar editing and provided in depth analysis and new perspectives for me to consider. Her feedback was invaluable and I would strongly recommend her.
    — Graduate Application Essay (MBA)
  • Komal was fundamental in perfecting my personal statement. Her content suggestions, grammar and formatting corrections, and multiple edits turned my personal statement from a incoherent rough draft into a professional, well written statement that helped me convey my personal experience and passion for the field to programs I was applying to.
    — Personal Statement - Medical Residency Match Application
  • Komal's experience teaching young writers has developed her into the most approachable and easy person to work with. Somehow, a tedious application where you second guess yourself every moment becomes manageable with Komal's help.
    — Fellowship Application
  • After putting together a rough draft, I immediately sent it to Komal. She has a great eye for seeing my main idea, and helping me set it as my focus. She took my scattered ideas and helped me parse through them. The feedback she provided was organized and thoughtful. And best of all, she has a strength for meeting you at your level. Komal made the process of writing become much more enjoyable, and I know she’ll bring that same level of passion and care to every person she helps.
    — Graduate Application Essay (PhD)

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